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The Round Barn

107 E. Highway 66, Arcadia, OK
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The Round Barn was built in 1898 by William Odor. The lower level originally housed cattle, mules and hay, today it houses a gift shop. Barn dances and other social meetings were held upstairs in the loft. The barn is 60 feet in diameter and 43 feet tall. It took six months to build, a project that included bending the rafters for the roof.


Frank and Katie Vrana bought the barn in the mid 1940's. Their heirs donated it to the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society in 1988, a plaque on the brick wall out front commemorates the family's generosity.

Soon after that a gentleman named Luke Robinson began restoring the barn with the help of a group of retired volunteers who came to be known as the "Over the Hill Gang".

The bricks on the wall represent supporters who have donated to the project.


These old landmarks require a lot of maintenance as seen in this 2009 photo when the barn got a new roof. It is located on Route 66 between Main St. and Division St. The grand old barn was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Photo(s): 2009 - 2012

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