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Pop's Station & Cafe

660 W. Route 66, Arcadia, OK
Phone: 877-266-POPS

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POPS is the brainchild of Aubery McClendon and opened in 2007 .The building features a huge canopy cantilevered out over the pump islands and glass walls lined with colorful pop bottles with the various flavors of pop providing the colors. We came for supper and stayed for the light show as we watched the LED lights change color and move up and down the giant 66 foot tall pop bottle out front.


Even on a rainy gloomy day this place stands out like a lighthouse. Gas, good food, pop and a light show after dark, what more can we ask for?


Inside is a cafe and over 12,000 soda pop bottles from all over the country. If you can't find a soda pop here that you like, you just aren't trying!

Photo(s): 2012