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Horse Creek Bridge

Route 66, Afton, OK

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The Horse Creek Bridge was replaced in 2020, it was reportedly the last of it's kind on Route 66 in Oklahoma. According to its 1995 National Register of Historic Place Nomination Form it was built in 1936. The March 22, 1936 edition of the Miami Daily News-Record reported that the bridge had recently been completed. Sadly it was torn down in late 2019.

The December 27, 1928 issue of the Miami Daily News-Record carried an announcement that bids would be accepted on January 9, 1929 for a smaller, 105 foot long, bridge on State Hwy. #7 over the Horse Creek Bridge "just east of the town of Afton". State Hwy. #7 was also U. S. Highway 66. That would account for reports that this bridge replaced one just to the north.

The bridge spanned 143 feet with the longest span being 60 feet. The deck is 24 feet wide. The bridge had been on the endangered list for a couple years before it was torn down in late 2019.

An unusual feature is the pedestrian were the sidewalks on each side of the bridge. Here's a little closer look at one of the sidewalks. The sidewalks were 4 feet wide. Having the sidewalks was fairly common for bridges of the era but not many rural examples have survived. The bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1995.

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