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Old Town Albuquerque

303 Romero St NW, Albuquerque, NM

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Founded in 1706 San Felipe De Neri is the oldest church in Albuquerque. It is right across the street from the Plaza. The day we were here a wedding was about to take place.

The Plaza is the centerpiece of Old Town Albuquerque and often has live music playing. The Plaza is two blocks north of Central Avenue (Route 66) on San Felipe Street NW.


The Plaza is lined with all sorts shops full of interesting items and cafes full of good food. If you are going through Albuquerque this really is a must see attraction. You can see it all in a couple of hours at a quick pace or spend all day exploring the shops and enjoying the food.


Vendors of arts and crafts often line the walks along the shops.

Photo(s): 2013

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