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Spencer Garage

County Rd. 2062 (Route 66), Spencer, MO

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In 1925 Sidney Casey purchased the town of Spencer for $400 and over time built the business consisting of a garage, service station, barbershop and cafe. For the first few years the station was a Tydol station but later changed to Phillips 66.

Spencer is located on the 1926 alignment of Route 66, take MO Hwy. 266 west of Paris Springs Junction, cross MO 96 onto MO "N" then turn west on 2062 at the Historic Route 66 Byway sign.

GPS: 37.184490, -93.702810

x New owners purchased the property in 2008 and have restored the gas pumps and signs plus they added some of their own memorabilia.

x They also are busy with more renovations. Like most of these projects, it's obviously been a lot of work but it's coming along nicely. This space was the cafe according to the sign on the window.

x The barber shop occupies the part of the building that is the second from the west.

A "Better Dixie Feeds" sign adorns the west end of the Spencer Feed & Seed building in Spencer. A large garage section of the building is at the other end of this small complex.

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