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Shadyside Camp

3268 Hwy. 96, Rescue, MO

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The Shady Side Camp in Rescue started out in 1930 as a simple gas station and grew from there. An addition on the east end made room for a cafe and grocery. The store survived into the 1980s before the place was converted to a private residence.

GPS: 37.192191, -93.995645

x The owner, L.F. Arthur added three stone buildings in 1935. This is the largest with six one-room units. There is also a small 2-room cottage and a L-shaped cottage that contains at least 2 one-room units. A room in the cabins cost as little as a dollar. For that price you got cooking facilities (bring your own dishes), and the use of common showers and toilets.

As time went on travel trailer spaces were added with at least some offering an electrical connection. During the heyday of Route 66 the business operated under several names, they include: Clay's Shady Side Cottage Camp and Shady Side Tourist Court.

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