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Abbylee Court

Route 66 at Deerfield Dr., Niangua, MO

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The 1940 Abbylee Court was built by an attorney named Mr. Haymes. With eight cabins and a cafe it was advertised as the “Motorcourt Among the Trees”. At least some of the cabins featured an attached garage which were late converted to living space. The cafe and one of the cabins burned down in 1950. Jack Rittenhouse mentions the "Abbylee Court and Cafe" in his 1946 book "A Guide Book to Highway 66".

It's easy to zip right past the Abbylee Court, so look for the white rail fence at Deerfield Dr. directly across the road.

GPS: 37.405000, -92.844650

xAfter I-44 opened bypassing the little motor court it closed to the traveling public in the 1960s and became long term local rental housing. Alan D. Jackson bought the property in the mid-1970s after he retired from 20 years of service in the military.

The original "ABBYLEE MODERN COURT" sign proclaims that it is "AMONG THE TREES" and it certainly is! It would be cool to see it lit up again and glowing through the trees at night, but unfortunately the neon is all missing.

Photo(s): 2016



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