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Dale's Ole 66 Barber Shop

2312 Utica, Joplin, MO

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This little cottage style building at Utica St.& Euclid Ave. used to be a gas station before becoming a barber shop. The addition on the back was added in the 1970's and doubled the size of the building. The house in the left side background in this photo was part of the property. A little long gone diner would have been on the right behind the station.

In the 1920s this site was home to Shamrock Inn Tourist Camp & Cafe, a place where weary travelers could camp and get a bite to eat. After Route 66 came through, three cabins were added. Then in 1928 the gas station was built.. Across the street was a streetcar (electric trolley) stop

When a newer alignment of Route 66 came in the middle 1950s, the service station closed in 1959 and the pumps were removed.

Dale Holly purchased the property in 1962 and operated his barber shop there until he retired.

Photo(s): 2013



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