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1870s Crowell Bank Building

1101 Military Ave., Baxter Springs, KS

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The historic Baxter Bank/Crowell Bank building was built in 1870 and is the oldest brick building in town. The Cafe on the Route began operating here in the 1990s, but closed in early 2013 and then reopened in November 2014 under new owners before closing again in 2015. The original Cafe on the Route owners also operated the Little Brick Inn on the second floor, which apparently also remains closed.

GPS: 37.024579, -94.735426

xThere is a very cool ornate sign on the side of the building. There is also a Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark recognition sign on the building.

Infamous bank robbers Jesse James and a partner in crime, probably Cole Younger, robbed the bank in May of 1876 making off with about $2,900.00. The bank went out of business in 1887.

This was the first bank in Baxter Springs and at a total of 9,000 square feet, 4,500 on each floor, it was a pretty good sized building for the times.

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