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Summit Inn Cafe

5970 Mariposa Rd. (I-15 exit 138), Hesperia, CA
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Sadly this landmark was destroyed by the Blue Cut fire on August 16, 2016. The current owners have said they plan to rebuild.

The 1952 version of the Summit Inn is on the south side of I-15 just west of exit 138. The original was lost to a Route 66 realignment project. We had a very nice lunch here in 2015 which allowed plenty of time to look at all the memorabilia packed into the place.


The restaurant and the huge neon sign are visible from the freeway, but if you see them going west, you've missed the exit.


The old Texaco gas station building is still there, but not selling gas anymore.


If you follow the road as it curves left behind the old Texaco station you can drive a bit of old 66. The pavement ends fairly soon though. The road more or less ends shortly past the "Pavement Ends" sign and soon after becomes what they call a Forest Trail, NOT old Route 66. So turn around and go back to I-40 at exit 138. Then take I-15 to exit 129 where you can get on Cajon Blvd.

This Summit Inn was established in 1952 and Cecil "C.A." Stevens purchased both the Texico station and restaurant from the original builder, Burt Riley in 1966. He wanted just the filing station but purchased both when he got the current manager to run the place. She retired in 2002.

Photo(s): 2015

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