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Cadiz Summit Ruins

Route 66, Cadiz Summit, CA

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In the 1940s there was a Mobilgas station & garage, the Oasis Cafe and several cabins. With the interstate by passing Route 66 in 1972, the businesses suffered the same fate as many others that were bypassed by "progress". All that remains are the walls of a few buildings, the steps to where the cabins stood, and some of the floor slabs, foundations and sidewalks.

GPS: 34.569587, -115.485303


The actual summit is within easy view of the Cadiz Summit ruins. One of many Route 66 stencils can be seen on the road here. The steps to where the cabins stood are to the right of our car in this photo. Enthusiasts often just call this "old Route 66", but long before it was designated as U. S. Route 66 it was called the National Trails Highway.


This is what you find up the steps to where the cabins were located. Just a some broken up concrete slab and sidewalk.


The ruins of several buildings at Cadiz Summit seem to have been adopted as public participation art spaces or have become home to a graffiti fest. But that does make for some interesting photos.


This is the same building from a different angle, it might be the most interesting building on the site.


What remains of a cross stands atop the hill behind the Cadiz Summit ruins.

Photo(s): Spring 2013


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