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Querino Canyon Bridge

N. Querino Dirt Rd., Houck, AZ

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The Querino Canyon Bridge opened to traffic at the end of 1930 or early 1931, depending on who you ask. In 1929, the Arizona Highway Department began upgrading U.S. Highway 66 between Lupton and Sanders. That included building several bridges, the largest of which was the Querino Canyon Bridge, shown here looking west. This section of the old highway became a county road when Interstate 40 opened, and the roads pavement was later removed. The bridge is on N. Querino Dirt Rd on the north side of I-40 west exit 346.

Querino Dirt Road is just that, a dirt road that can be very teeth rattling rough at times, so be prepared to go slow getting here.

GPS: 35.27091, -109.27702

The 20 foot wide concrete-decked steel trestle bridge used three Pratt deck trusses supported by steel piers to span almost 269 feet. The longest span on this bridge is not quite 77 feet. This view is looking east.

Here's a detail of the railing on the bridge. The bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

Photo(s): 2015, 2017



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