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Meteor Crater

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The crater is HUGE! The floor is 550 feet below the rim, equivalent to a 50 story building, it's over 4,000 feet across and 2.4 miles in circumference. The rim is about 150 feet above the desert floor, so that makes the bottom of the crater about 400 feet below surrounding landscape. This what you get when a 60,000 pound rock lands in the backyard. I first saw it when my family traveled Route 66 to California for Christmas in 1960 and the image has been stuck in my mind ever since. Take a look at the people on the observation platform in this photo to get an idea of how big the crater is.


Starting from the main observation platform you can hike up or down to additional observation platforms.


This is an always earth bound training space capsule. In the mid 1960s American Astronauts trained here in the Meteor Crater, because the surface was thought to be similar to what they might encounter on the moon.


This photo gives you an idea of how far above the desert floor the rim of the crater is. You can see for miles from this height.

Photo(s): 2009

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