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Painted Desert Trading Post

Pinta Rd., Navajo / Holbrook, AZ

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Dotch Windsor built the Painted Desert Trading Post in the early 1940's and operated it until 1956. There were a set of gravity fed gas pumps out front. Electricity was supplied by a windmill. The usual arrray of souvenir goodies lined the shelves inside.The trading post is located on the original 1926 alignment of Route 66 which followed the earlier National Old Trails road at this point.

Access to the site is limited, at best. There is a ranch gate on the road from exit 320 at Pinta Road.and possibly washouts on Pinta Rd make make it difficult to use exit 325. We visited the site as part of an annual tour sponsored by the National Park Service and the City of Holbrook. That's not the only way to get there, but it worked out well for us. You probably could hike here from the Painted Desert Visitor Center by following the original alignment of Route 66 but it's a several mile hike, in the desert, on what is now a dirt trail and there is a gate at the Dead River bridge on the edge of the National Park.

GPS: 35.099484, -109.693497


Somehow a couple of signs on the east side of the building seem to have survived remarkably well given the condition of the rest of the building, at least when we took these photos in 2015.


The view from the southwest shows the back and west sides of the building to be in about the same condition as the rest of the building.


The interior of the building has been reduced to ruble. Holes in the roof allow light to illiminated the ruins. I'm guessing that the diagonally placed boards on the interior walls and as sheathing under the stucco on the exterior walls has contributed a lot to the buildings survival to this point.

Photo(s): 2015

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